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Soul Winners Connection, Inc. (SWC, Inc) focuses on educational, spiritual, and social skills development of all persons in need, particularly the elderly and youth through evangelistic outreach.Educational programs are designed and tailored to these individuals with the intent of creating holistic persons capable of enjoying spiritual and bountiful lives.

What is Soul Winners Connection About?

Our mission is carried out with the involvement of volunteers with a variety of professional background training and a support staff who will organize and conduct educational experiences in group,community, family settings, and through the media.

SWC, Inc. is designed to provide community based prevention and intervention to reduce loneliness and neglect, juvenile crime, out-of-school and suspension drop-out rate, and community decay and destruction. 

Our purpose is promoted by, but not limited to, communications, meetings, conferences, workshops, special projects, and leadership development. Special focus is to continuously identify those areas in our community where help is needed the most and where we can have a positive impact on continuous improvements in our community.