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“Most fulfilling event I've attended in some time.” - Joseph

“The soul winners connection event was very good and inspiring and will help me in some areas of my life.” - Mirola

“I enjoyed each speaker and It really helped me to continue my education.” - Gail

“Very encouraging and very informative” - Tammi

“Elegance, excellence when you walked in the door” - Juanita

“Thank you...this was amazing!” - Holly

.“The program was very good. The songs, skit, and panel held my attention and interest. To God be the glory. Thank you for doing this.” - Viola

“Enjoyed everything – the beginning to the end.” - Gloria

“EXCELLENT. I needed that. Thank you so much for everything. I am so blessed. Thank you Dr. Ty.” - Wilma

“WOW!” - Nancy

“Inspiring and encouraging – everything – especially the panel discussion. The best for last – Running with a vision! Yes!” - Juanita C.

“This was my first experience and I truly enjoyed it.” - Yolanda

“Very good presentation. Very good.” - Matye

“Very nice and informative – moving – was awesome. Loved the skit.” - Gerri

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Women's Empowerment Testimonials
Operation Kickstart Testimonal

“Prior to me joining Operation Kick-Start created by Soul Winners Connection, Inc., I was going through a lot mentally, spiritually and physically. I was in a really bad accident, my car was totaled and it left me hurt physically and without transportation. I was going thru several personal situations which were very stressful. I wasn’t working at the time, and I needed to generate income. Operation Kick-Start allowed me to have a peace of mind as well as bless me financially. I am grateful.” - Sabrina

I am a father of 3 children.  Although I had a full time job, I needed extra income. Operation Kickstart provided me with  the opportunity to earn extra income for 2 weeks. I  worked painting and repairing an office building.  After completing the project my confidence soared. I went on to obtain  training in the real estate industry.  I am now a   Real Estate Investor earning enough income to take care of my family.  Thank You Soul Winners Connection for a Positive Connection for a Life Time. - Lorenzo


Operation StashTestimonal

Shirley, age 62, has had several medical bouts and has not had continuous work for several years: “I cried when I heard I was going to receive the extra money. It really makes a difference at the end of the month.”

Bobbie, age 66, also has several physical challenges and lives on a fixed income: “I felt like dancing when I heard about Operation Stash. The extra money helps a lot.”

Margaret, age 85: “I live with my son and daughter in law and it helps to have extra income. This is truly a blessing for me. I love helping people and the stipend made my job even more enjoyable.”

Annette, age 73: “I’ve been volunteering for years. It is wonderful to see it pay off in unexpected ways. This is wonderful!”

Empowerment Session Testimonials

“I was impressed with the entire program. Enjoyable and inspiring. Look forward to the next event.”

- Ingrid