A Powerful Moment From Dr. Ty Dixon


In other words, those things that you’re struggling with: maybe you struggled with drugs, maybe you struggle with alcohol, maybe you struggle with wrong relationships… it’s just time to be real in a pandemic, isn’t it?

Say “God, I surrender all of that to you. Love me with all Love me with of your heart.”

And we’re fasting. Fasting and abstaining from certain things. Sometimes you to abstain from the TV. You have to turn it off. Sometimes you have to abstain from certain foods. Sometimes you have to abstain from certain people. Sometimes you just have to stay away from saying stuff out of your mouth you shouldn’t.

This is the thing about Jesus. He doesn’t put a burden on you that weighs you down to you where cannot stand up. His grace is so beautiful. It is so sufficient. He will not put more on you than you can bear. He said, learn of me, take my yoke upon you, learn of me.