Our Programs

Operation Stash

Operation Stash is geared toward two of our most impoverished and at-risk population groups; the elderly and differently-abled on fixed incomes. These two groups often serve in unpaid volunteer roles. Operation Stash will provide a stipend for those who are working in unpaid capacities and develop paid opportunities.

Unfortunately, many of our elderly and disabled population find it very challenging to re-enter the workplace to make income to ensure all their needs are met. Soul Winners Connection, Inc. will address this dilemma in two ways:

1. Provide a stipend for those who are working in unpaid volunteer capacities and develop paid opportunities for those in need of additional income.

2. Develop creative arts program for those with talent in crafts. Soul Winners Connection will purchase the materials needed to produce the crafts and sell them at Soul Winners Connection functions. The proceeds will be given to the participant.

Operation Kick Start

Participants are enrolled in a workforce development project developed by Soul Winners Connection and are paid a stipend based on the availability of funding. The positions will be created by networking with local businesses, nonprofits, churches, and civic organizations.

Other Vehicles To “Make a Difference”

Radio Ministry

(A Moment of Inspiration) – Reaches national and international listeners with inspirational messages weekly.

Community Outreach

Reaches out to sectors of the community ranging from the homeless to business professionals through workshops and empowerment sessions.