Get ready for another powerful message, entitled “Damaged.” Yes, Damaged. You know damages, when things come I call it things that go bump in the night. Something that inflicts physical harm. Or something that impairs its value, its usefulness, or normal function, damage is the kind of injury or the effect of an injury that directly impairs it harms. It may be a physical harm, it may be an emotional harm, it may be your spiritual injury that you’ve incurred. Damage.

Some of us have incurred damages in the last couple of months. Some people say “No, Dr. Ty, you got it all wrong. I started out this year being damaged, how do I repair myself? Is there a remedy to what I’m going through?” I hear you talking to me. I want you to grab your pens, grab your paper, grab your bibles. Your life will never be the same because this broadcast is going to show you how to overcome damage.

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