God Is Working On Me

God is doing the work in our lives. He’s doing the work in my life. He’s doing the work in your life. And He’s doing the work in everybody’s life. We must admit that the potter is molding us in this hour, in this season, in ways we never imagined. Sometimes that making, that shaping, that breaking, that process, is painful but don’t you give up on your trust and your faith in God. Trust that he has you right there in the palm of His hands and He’s not going to let you go.

Have you ever broken an expensive item? Or repaired an expensive car? If you’ve owned an expensive vehicle you know that the maintenance of it is very expensive or somewhat expensive. In other words, if you have a sports car, you can put certain treads or tires on a sports car. Because if you do, it will not run like it should run. If you broke a piece of crystal, you cannot take just some glue that you would use to put tile up in your bathroom to repair china or crystal, no. It would ruin the very essence of what that item is worth.

In other words, what I’m trying to say to you that because you are precious, because you are carefully made and wonderfully made, because God made you a unique and one and only design. When He’s shaping it, making, and molding you, He’s using the very best, my God.

So we’re going to go into we’re going to go into the goodness of the Lord and we are going to go into who you are and who you belong to.

I want you to grab you paper, grab your pen, grab your iPad’s – grab everything! We are going to go through several different passages of scripture and I want you to understand God is working on you. Your life will never be the same.

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