Help… I’ve Just Been Rebuked Part 2

This series is dedicated to all of the wounded souls in the Body of Christ who are struggling to overcome the impact of the “rebuke.” Rebuke,” by definition, means to criticize sharply, reprimand, to turn back or keep down. It suggests a sharp or stern reproof. Some mistakenly associate “rebuke” with disapproval of the person instead of disapproval of the actions of the person.

Never take a rebuke personally. It is a corrective action and not a destructive action. After all, what was really torn down, you or your pride? This teaching will give you insight to the biblical purpose of “rebuke” and methods of survival.

Remember, God loves you, but He also corrects those He love. Your leader is not your enemy. He or she is the tool God is using to perfect you. Don’t give up…You’re going to make it.