She Fell In Love With Jesus

Get ready for another powerful message. This message is entitled “She Fell In Love With Jesus.” Do you really know what it’s like to fall in love with Jesus Christ? I’m talking to the women of God out there listening to me, and those that are still wondering, can I get closer to God? This is a message, especially for you. She Fell In Love with Jesus. When you fall in love with Jesus your life will never be the same. When you fall in love with Jesus, a revolution takes place. When you fall in love with Jesus, there are some things that you never imagined would come your way.

She fell in love with Jesus.

I want my male listeners to stay tuned. I’m talking to you too because if you ever get into the presence of a woman of God, someone who truly has fallen in love with Jesus, the favor of the Lord will fall upon you, like never before, and your life will be impacted.

So I’m calling everybody together, take a seat at the table and listen to this message, God got some powerful impactful words for you today. God got some nuggets that’s gonna revolutionize your life. God is getting ready to do a work right where you are. Put your hands in the air say “Right where I am!” Grab your pens, grab your paper, grab your iPad, grab your iPhones. This message is powerful. Get ready for She Fell In Love with Jesus.

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